Mercury Capital Vendor Programs

One of Mercury Capital’s primary goals is to build meaningful, lifetime relationships with vendors of capital equipment. Our experience allows us to move quickly and efficiently while providing a competitive rate for your customer. Mercury Capital has the sales expertise necessary to work in tandem with your sales force, and directly with your clients.

We appreciate the challenge of finding interested customers and we acknowledge that your bottom line is to close those customers.

The following explains why we are your best leasing partner:

1. Professional Service

Fast approvals – We guarantee our response times. Within 3 hours we will call your sales staff and give them a preliminary credit decision. Within 24-48 we will provide final approval.

One point of contact – You will have one point of contact within our company to help expedite your order.

2. Flexible Leasing

We tailor every payment plan specifically to your customer’s needs. We can easily put together step payment, seasonal payment, deferred payment or standard flat payment plans.

3. Flexible Credit

Speed Lease – Customers only need to fill out a one page application for transactions up to $150,000

Start up Businesses – Programs for customers with fewer than two years in business. We can provide $15,000 with an application, or up to $50,000 with financial statement information.

Working Capital lines of credit and Master Equipment Lease lines of credit Pre-approved to allow your clients to continue acquiring your equipment.