Selecting a leasing company is not simply a matter of getting the best rate. You need a leasing company that has the flexibility to offer you the payment structure that suits your cash flow, and has the dependability to be the financial partner to help you grow your business.

A few of the reasons we are your best option:

Quick Approval: If your business is like most businesses, when you need equipment, you need it now; not a month from now. Mercury’s speed lease program can get you up to $150,000 with a one-page credit application usually within 24 hours. And if we can’t, we will let you know right away so you can consider other options. But odds are that we can get almost all of your transactions approved!

Tailor fit payment plans: Every business has special needs. They have different needs and different cash flows. Mercury Capital accommodates these needs with competitive – straight payment plans, seasonal or step up and down payment plans or 90 day deferred and quarterly structures. We can also set up a Master Lease line to accommodate your future needs.

Trained Dedicated Account Executive: You will not be assigned to a customer service group or novice sales person. An experienced Account Executive (over 5 years’ experience per rep) will be dedicated to providing you with the best service possible.

Long term customer service: Ever have a billing question, only to realize that your loan has been sold six times and you have no idea who to call? Take comfort in knowing that a representative will be contacting you throughout the billing cycle of your lease. Through mailing and phone calls we will stay in touch to make sure your billing questions are answered.

Your life is complicated enough.
Getting financing doesn’t have to be complicated.
Mercury Capital can show you how easy it can be to get financing today with our easy speed lease application program.